Project 04 Automata


Our fourth project will be do design something that moves.

First lets frame some main ideas for our project

  • Your project should use at least one servomotor
  • Your project can act directly on an object or it could drive some gears/pulleys
  • Does your project moves as a whole (eg. car), or is it a mechanism (eg. clock)
  • Determine the purpose of your project.
    • Does it point at something?
    • Does it move/tap/touch something?
    • Does it open/close something?
    • Can you play with it?



  • Draw a sketch for your project
  • Draw a flow diagram for your projects functionality
  • Program the circuit playground to your projects inputs and outputs
  • Make a prototype for your project, test different materials, put all the parts together.
  • Test and observe
  • Make changes in your code or/and your prototype
  • Repeat the last two steps as needed.

Reflect and share

  • What did I discovered by doing this project?
  • What did I wish I new before this project?
  • What was the most difficult part and how I overcame it?
  • What do I love from this project?
  • What do I want to improve in this project.

Take some pictures of your project and share it on a presentation or video, try to use as little text as possible and tell the story of how you got where you are with your project.

Take your project to the next level

Further Learning

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